Helping churches make disciples and grow their own leaders

TEE is a tried and tested approach to discipleship and leadership training that takes place in the local church with the goal of every believer becoming a disciple and worker for Jesus.

50 years experience

100 countries

70 languages

TEE originally stood for ‘Theological Education by Extension’  but is now also known as ‘Tools to Equip and Empower’.

TEE is a method

Personal study

engage the head

Weekly discussion

engage the heart

Practical application

engage the hands

Learning and transformation take place through the course book, and from other members of a local learning group, facilitated by a trained local tutor.

TEE is designed for the local church


Obedience based discipleship


In the languages of your community


Study at home plus a weekly meeting that suits your context

"Every believer a disciple and worker for Jesus"

How we can help you

Course Books

TEE material catering for new believers to mature workers and leaders.


Practical training to help you run a TEE group.


Ongoing coaching for churches and TEE group leaders.

What people say

TEE is a great tool to help followers of Jesus have a good foundation and a systematic, comprehensive way of growing as disciples in community. It is being used in amazing ways in closed countries and also amongst diaspora peoples in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and North America.
Rev. Dr Lyn
Interserve International
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